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Our Staff



Mr Jones is a Principal with an enviable track record who is deeply rooted in the values and ethos of Haberdashers’ Aske’s schools.

During his ten years as Principal of Hatcham College, Mr Jones steered the school successfully through four Ofsted inspections maintaining and strengthening the quality of provision reported on each occasion.

He also has extensive experience of opening and growing schools, having supervised the growth of the College into an all-through school with the incorporation of Hatcham Temple Grove in 2008 and more recently with the opening of the Hatcham Temple Grove Free School in 2013. That school was also judged outstanding by Ofsted in 2015.

Vice Principals


Mrs Wilde has a lot of experience working within Haberdashers’ Aske’s Federation and has taught across primary and secondary phases at Hatcham College.  She has held leadership positions in both primary and secondary phases with her most recent position as Vice Principal responsible for Curriculum and Assessment at Hatcham College.


Janaki has worked within the Federation since 2014 and has been a Vice Principal for the past three years at Hatcham.  She has expertise in several areas which include Music, SEND (she is a Federation SEND leader), Safeguarding and Behaviour (she introduced a new Behaviour Policy which has led to a dramatic reduction in fixed term exclusions at Hatcham).   She has a wealth of experience with Special Educational Needs and we look forward to her continuing the work we have started in supporting all of our students.  Ms Monk will also be teaching music.  She is an amazing singer and is looking forward to extending our music provision and developing the music enrichment that we offer at Borough Academy. 

Assistant Principals

Euan Paterson

Euan Paterson previously worked as an Assistant Principal at Hatcham College before embarking on an overseas adventure where he worked as Deputy Head of School at GEMS Cambridge International in Uganda.  Euan teaches Geography and History.  

David stow

David Stow previously worked as Assistant Principal at Hatcham College and so is very familiar with our Federation. He has taught in London schools for the past 12 years.  David teaches Maths and PE as well as overseeing trips visits and enrichment.  

Kealan watters

Kealan has worked within the Federation since 2016; he worked as Acting Head Teacher at Hatcham Temple Grove since February 2020 and prior to this he was Deputy Headteacher.  He led on Curriculum and Assessment and successfully managed to redesign, write and implement a new curriculum in collaboration with subject leaders that suited Hatcham Temple Grove while following the national curriculum. Kealan teaches maths. 


Scott McDonald

Mr McDonald has held SENCo positions in a variety of settings including both mainstream and specialist provisions across both primary and secondary age groups; Scott currently works in both Southwark and Hounslow as a SENCo at secondary level. 



Teacher Name Subject(s) Taught
Deborah Britton-Field Art
Jake Clifford MFL
Hannah Conway Art
Matilda Feeney-Mellor English
Aimee Hardy MFL
Susannah Head RE
Louis Lockwood  Science 
Dominic McGeekie PE
Carole McIlwain Drama
Alastair McNair English
Marc Oliver Music
Sophie Pegg English
Sophie Roach Humanities
Sanjidah Sabur Science
Emily Segal Music
Oliver Sills Humanities
Kyriaki Tilkitzi  Science 
Stephen Wake  Science